Outdoor durable Printing on Dibond

Outdoor durable printing

It is about time expression and vibrancy was not left within the constraints of the four walls of your property – take your artwork outside with Coloursonic’s specialist printing materials and format. Through the use of the considerably durable ‘Dibond’ as a printable material, your quality fine art prints can be displayed in the garden, greenery and whatever other desired outdoor areas. 

The Impact of Outdoor Artwork Displays

Despite the importance placed on the individuality and vibrancy of a setting, both domestic or commercial, those strategically designing the styling of a property often miss out on a significant opportunity – displaying outwork outdoors! Garden wall art or garden decorations are a great form of expression; it adds dimensions of personality and culture that is otherwise not achievable without a scrutinisingly developed landscape. 

Upon taking the inspiring step towards outdoor displays, you ought to make sure the material you use can withstand all weather conditions – you can guarantee this from a credible printing studio, such as Coloursonic.  

For outdoor advertising purposes, there should be no other than Coloursonic. Our extensive experience providing custom printed and personalised banners for display purposes is second to none. Advertising banner materials for outdoor banner stands are our forte; discuss with us today your unique project and how we can amplify your brand or cause presence. 

The Coloursonic Process. How Does It Work? 

Upon printing bespoke and adored prints for over 25 years, we guarantee the production of an incredible piece you will love for years to come. At Coloursonic, your artwork can be uploaded directly from your files and printed onto a Dibond with exceptional quality. We work within a 48-hour timeframe, although 24 may be possible – subject to availability. 

We are considerably pleased to say we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate! Furthermore, our prestigious and loyal clientele, including the likes of museums and galleries, often praise us for our exceptional choice of high quality, durable outdoor banner printing materials – ultimately enabling the fine details and colour depth to articulate perfectly in their range of outdoor settings. 

  • Either register or log into your account at the Coloursonic store. It is here that you will upload your artwork and specify your required measurements.
  • Your outdoor durably printed art piece will be supplied as flat panels, ready for home installation. Alternatively, the Coloursonic team may be able to do this aspect of furnishing for you – please seek a member of the team to advise further.
  • Await completion! The Coloursonic team will be in touch to advise you that your artwork is ready.

Outdoor durable art

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