Fine Art Printing

Why Coloursonic?

Are your walls lacking inspiration and are seeking a new lease of life? Decorating your home, workspace or gallery with quality prints from Coloursonic can transform the atmosphere of a room!

We are considerably pleased to say our print studio has a 100% customer satisfaction rate! Furthermore our prestigious and loyal clientele, including the likes of museums and galleries, often praise us for our exceptional skill in the creation of high-quality fine art – ultimately enabling fine details and colour depth to articulate perfectly. 

Lucid Fine Art

As a printing style, Lucid Fine Art magnifies the floating, high gloss attributes of your chosen fine art papers, making for incredible gallery-style prints for your home or business.

Further desirability include:

  • An amplified vibrancy of every colour, creating a high quality product

  • Undoubtedly eye catching photos

  • Easily cleanable prints

  • An invisible wall mounting system

  • The ability to be customised into bespoke shapes and specifications.


How Does Lucid Fine Art Printing work?

Through careful incorporation of acrylic glass on top of your photo, the colours are encouraged to appear more bright and vivid; simultaneously, the thickness of the acrylic promotes a resounding sense of depth within the photo.

From this point, your chosen print will be mounted onto an opaque backing material; preventing any light from passing through the print itself. Perspex mounting is a contemporary way to present photographic prints for interiors & exhibitions. The prints are mounted between acrylic and Dibond. The complete piece is supplied with an aluminium sub-frame, which floats the picture away from the wall.

Fine Art Enquiries

If you have any Fine Art related queries please don't hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will get back to you.


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