If you are supplying us with artwork, here are some really helpful pointers to help create print/production-ready files. It often saves us time when artwork is supplied correctly and ‘ready to print’.

These guidelines will helpfully set you on your way.

File Format

Save your file as a high-resolution PDF (with bleed if applicable).

Adobe Acrobat High Resolution PDF

– Illustrator (images embedded and fonts outlined)

– InDesign (package folder)

– Photoshop (preferred format as TIFF)


Outline your fonts to avoid font changes from computer to computer. Font size should be 8pt or more for people to read it on print if necessary. 

Artwork Scale

Artworks should be created to a sensible scale as 10%, 20% or 50%. This will allow us to enlarge the artwork to the desired size. 


For full-colour printing jobs, convert all RGB and Pantone spot colours to CMYK colour mode.

For black and white printing jobs, use greyscale colour mode. 

Image Resolution – Fine Art Printing

300dpi for better result. 

Images should be approximately 300dpi, when printed at full size on images below 1000mm in size.

Avoid taking resolution pictures from the web because they are usually 75dpi or lower. 


3mm: artwork measuring 50cm < on the longest edge

5mm: artwork measuring 50cm > 100cm on the longest edge

10mm: artwork measuring 100cm > 150cm on the longest edge

iIf you have a white border on your print, you don’t need a bleed.

Cut and Bleed

Cutting Process

Should you have any questions regarding the preparation of artworks, please feel free to get in touch.

Will You Keep My Files For Reprints?

We keep all files on our systems indefinitely. If you don’t want us to keep your files please let us know and we will delete them after printing.

Is Delivery Included In My Quote?

All quotes completed on our website have delivery as a separate price at the checkout. If you received a quote via email, delivery will be included.

Can I Make Amendments To My Artwork After The Proof?

Absolutely, you can make as many changes to your artwork as you want. Please note if you were charged for design time, additional charges may apply for amendments.

What types of wallpaper does Coloursonic offer?

Coloursonic offers regular wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, textured wallpaper and repositionable vinyl wallpaper.