Vehicle livery

Vehicle Livery at Coloursonic

Vehicle Livery is the process of displaying advertising banners on well-travelled vehicles in order for your brand or cause to be seen by many in a creative manner. 

Coloursonic is proud to produce vehicle livery graphic prints of considerable quality, have a high brand impact, are long-lasting and bespoke to your business. 

The impact of Vehicle Livery 

More businesses are seeking this form of advertising as it is outgoing, enjoyable and creative – what better an advertisement display than Vehicle Livery? Coloursonic is on hand and determined to create branded visuals that your customers will remember. 

Such a form of commercial display can make you stand out from competitors and last in the minds of your target audience. At Coloursonic, we can develop cost-effective and irresistible vehicle graphics as marketing tools – Either permanent or temporary. 

*Customer Image Example* The Coloursonic printing studio used two colour vehicle wrapping film to achieve this stunning advertising design.

The Coloursonic Process. How Does It Work?

At Coloursonic, your artwork can be uploaded directly from your files and printed onto a durable material for advertising displays with exceptional quality. The teamwork within a 48-hour timeframe, although 24 may be possible – subject to availability. 

  • Either register or log into your account at the Coloursonic store. It is here that you will upload your file and specify your required measurements.
  • Await completion! The Coloursonic team will be in touch to advise you that your artwork is ready. 

In addition to an extensive array of prints and services, Coloursonic offers the delivery of your large vehicle livery printing; at an additional cost. To further discuss services, delivery or installation, please enquire with the Coloursonic customer service team; our contact details are on our website. Alternatively, call us on 0207 286 4766.



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