Wallpaper Printing

Custom printed wallpaper bring spaces to life and can create a great impact. 

Enhance the walls in your shop, home, restaurant, or office with bespoke wallpaper. Digitally printed wallpaper is becoming an extremely popular means of producing artwork. coloursonic is proud to offer high-quality wallpaper printing in a diverse of eco-friendly, styles, durability and textures.

These include the like of regular wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, textured wallpaper and reposition able vinyl wallpaper. Each wallpaper type has its own set of unique qualities and attributes which allows us to cater your needs. 

Custom Wallpaper

Custom wallpaper printing is a service that is growing considerably in popular amongst decorators of both commercial and domestic properties – these individuals adore translating their creative flair with statement wallpaper pieces, in order to bring a property to life. 

coloursonic can supply both self-adhesive and ready to paste custom printed wallpaper. 

Self Adhesive Wallpaper – comes with a peel-off backing which could be repositioned on the wall

High Quality Wallpaper

In keeping with evolving trends, colousonic has amassed much experience working with individuals on their unique wallpaper designs. Upon consultation, our production team will discuss the ways in which we can develop and design wallpaper you will cherish. 

Need more help?

We can help with design and artwork, site visits and consultation, production and installation for sure. Contact us to discuss your wall graphics requirements and start making your ideas a reality.