Wallpaper Printing

Wallpaper Printing

Coloursonic is proud to offer high-quality wallpaper printing in a diverse range of styles, durabilities and textures. These include the likes of regular wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, textile wallpapers, repositionable vinyl wallpapers. The degree of toughness and washability can be discussed upon consultation with your project.

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Bespoke Wallpaper Printing is a service that is growing considerably in popularity amongst decorators of both commercial and domestic properties – these individuals adore translating their creative flair with statement wallpaper pieces, in order to bring a property to life.
Maximum visual impact is something stylistic individuals and decorators are longing for, hence the amounting demand for Coloursonic’s bespoke printing technology and wallpaper creation services. If you seek to make an interior unique or perfectly accentuate a room, contact the team today.

Why Choose Coloursonic?

In keeping with evolving trends, Coloursonic has amassed much experience working with individuals on their unique wallpaper designs. Upon consultation, our print studios specialist team will discuss the ways in which we can develop and design wallpaper you will cherish. Alternatively, your artwork can be uploaded directly from your files for custom printed wallpaper of exceptional quality. Our print process works within a 48-hour timeframe, although 24 may be possible – subject to availability.

We are considerably pleased to say we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate across our wide range of services! Furthermore, our prestigious and loyal clientele, including museums and galleries, often praise us for our exceptional skill as a wallpaper printing service.
In addition to an extensive array of prints and services, Coloursonic offers both the installation and delivery of your large canvas printing; at an additional cost. To further discuss services, delivery, or installation, please enquire with the Coloursonic customer service team on 0207 286 4766.

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