case study

This case study highlights the successful execution of a graphic installation at Somerset House, London, focusing on the utilisation of eco-friendly low tack textile wall covering and the collaborative efforts of a dedicated team of five installers.

The project exemplifies innovative problem solving, effective client collaboration, and the challenges of meeting strict media guidelines while covering a large area within a tight timeframe.


A joint venture between Intermission films and Studio Dream Productions, who approached coloursonic with a vision for a graphic installation that would engage visitors in a dialogue about the cultural influence Top Boy exerted on British TV and to showcase emerging British artists and East London cultural identity.

The client emphasised the importance of incorporating eco-friendly materials and techniques while creating a visually impactful experience that resonated with diverse audiences.

An emergency meeting was convened four days before the exhibition opening. During this session, Coloursonic emerged as the sole company that stepped forward and promptly addressed several challenges on the spot.

– Printed 150sqm of graphics

– Achieved all turnarounds within 48 hours

– Ensured cooler matching to brand identity

– Implemented sustainable solutions

– Complied with Somerset House guidelines


Eco-friendly Solutions

In response to the client’s sustainability mandate, our team explored alternative materials and identified eco-friendly low tack textile wall covering as the primary medium for the installation. This presented a challenge as we needed to source materials that met both aesthetic and environmental criteria.

Large Area Coverage

Somerset House allocated a significant space for the installation, requiring meticulous planning and efficient execution to cover the expansive area within the designated timeframe of two days.

Media Approval

Adhering to Somerset House’s guidelines, we navigated the process of obtaining approval for the use of specific media formats, ensuring compliance with Somerset House guidelines.

This can pose a challenge as walls are frequently painted, which may result in complications with various media types, all of which must be approved by Somerset House.

In addition to the aforementioned challenges, the project required careful adherence to budgetary constraints, posing a significant challenge due to the time constraints and stringent media approval process mandated by Somerset House. Despite these hurdles, the team successfully navigated the complexities of the project, ensuring both creative excellence and financial responsibility.


Material Selection

Working closely with sustainable suppliers, we sourced eco-friendly low tack textile wall covering and vinyls that met the client’s criteria for durability, print quality, and environmental sustainability.

Design Adaptation

Our design team collaborated with the client to adapt the initial concept to fit the chosen medium and maximise its visual impact within the designated space.

Installation Strategy

To meet the tight deadline, we organised a team of five experienced installers who worked in tandem to efficiently cover the designated area with precision and attention to detail.

Key Features

Sustainable Graphics

The use of eco-friendly low tack textile wall covering provided a visually stunning backdrop for the installation while aligning with Somerset House’s commitment to sustainability.

Collaborative Design

Through iterative collaboration with the client, our design team ensured that the final installation effectively communicated the intended message of cultural identity and sustainability.

Efficient Installation

Despite the challenges posed by the large area to be covered, our team of installers completed the project within the allocated timeframe, demonstrating effective coordination and teamwork.

Our lead installer, certified in IPAF and PASMA, arranged for a Genie lift due to the installation’s height requirements. He also ensured the completion of RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) and all pertinent health and safety checks.

In conclusion, coloursonic successfully completed the project within the allocated budget and timeframe, meeting both clients’ and Somerset House expectations. The seamless installation and effective project management delighted the clients, resulting in a successful exhibition.