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Coloursonic, one of London’s most bespoke and sought after digital printers, specialise in Photo walls, banners, floor graphics, vinyl wall coverings, flags, drop banners and bar coverings and much more for your lavish corporate or live events. Coloursonic understands the significance of having the perfect print in the correct format. These event branding ideas will help promote your event and show the clientele you keep a consistent brand. 

Why Choose Coloursonic?

Branding your future event to maximise your unique brand is what we are good at. Coloursonic knows you need a print partner who understands tight deadlines on any product or service, getting the highest quality print and within budget restraints. We guarantee that the result will be as you visualised, quality prints, professionally installed and all on time and within your agreed budget.

Coloursonic can provide backdrops from your digital branding for press conferences and stage backdrops alike, which will show your potential attendees the entire company brand. This usually increases the chances of your attendees taking photos and sharing on social media channels. This action will see the strong brand appear more on event websites, event apps, and all event content. 

Event Branding Printing Services for Pre Launch

If you are looking to pre-launch an event, showing that it has branding elements from the start increases the trust that the event is going to be a success, and therefore a higher attendee rate. All event marketing that you do needs to instil confidence into the potential attendee that they are going to have a good time. Ensuring that the onsite branding is transmitted to the end-user through social media channels and event emails can increase the attendee turnup significantly.

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