Directional Signage and Lightbox Signage

Signage Lightbox Printing in London

As an industry-leading provider of a wide range of printing formats, Coloursonic is proud to specialise in Directional Signage, Lightbox graphics, backlit printing, and LED lightboxes – to encourage the formality of the signs intended setting.

Our lightbox displays can be customised and ordered to any fit size. Firstly, Coloursonic will print a replacement film or install an entirely new unit to display your images. Of course, our quality is of the highest standard, with blacks being true black and colours inspiringly vibrant.

At Coloursonic, all of our slimline light boxes illuminated signs are digitally printed, silver anodised and can be either single-sided to be wall-mounted or double-sided to be free-standing in your desired setting.

Coloursonic. Experts in Signage Lightbox Printing

Coloursonic has amassed over 20 years worth of experience in digital printing across various formats and in the project management of a number of diverse print techniques – this ensures that our valued customers not only are provided with the prints they desire but those around them also are fulfilled with a WOW moment upon first glance.

All of Coloursonic’s LED Modules are opal acrylic and are able to be made in whatever colour you may desire. Upon discussing your project or placing your order, please just inform us of the Standard Ral Colour that you are looking for, and we will get to work.

As pioneers in our field, Coloursonic are proud to offer an extensive range of digital format and printing services. Should you wish to place an order with one of London’s most bespoke printing companies, or to speak to an expert regarding your project, please contact the Coloursonic team on 0207 286 4766. Our team are on hand to bring your wildest and most creative ideas to life!

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