Wayfinding Signage and Lightboxes

Directional and information signage to help find your way around easily.

Directional and informational signs help guide people through a space. It helps facilitate the customer journey and enhances their understanding and experience of the environment. 

Wayfinding signage is often used throughout retail stores, events, office buildings, gallery and even more. Visitors would benefit from directional and information signs on how to find their way around a location.

Signage Methods

There are many ways to produce wayfinding signs. These could included simple cut vinyl decals applied onto walls or glass, and 3D cut to shape designs. It depends on the venue and sites you are looking to. 

We could even produce the right signage for your events and make it difference. 

LED Modules

The slimline light boxes can be customised to any fit size. The illuminated signs are digitally printed, silver anodised. It can be either single sided to be wall-mounted or double sided to be free-standing. 

Our LED modules are opal acrylic and are able to be made in any colour you desired.

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