Lucid Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing

Lucid Fine Art Printing gives a glass-like depth to your photos.

By adding acrylic glass over the top of your photo you will find the colours become more vivid and bright whilst the thickness of the acrylic gives a resounding sense of depth to the photo.

The print is mounted onto an opaque backing, meaning no light will pass through the print, meaning details will be heightened.

Gallery style prints for your home.

  • Shows off the vibrancy of every colour
  • Lucid pictures really catch the eye
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Invisible wall mounting system
  • Can be cut to bespoke shapes

Show off your floating high gloss photos

Perspex mounting is a contemporary way to present photographic prints for interiors & exhibitions. The prints are mounted between acrylic and Dibond. The complete piece is supplied with an aluminium sub-frame, which floats the picture away from the wall.

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Request your free sample

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