Giant Canvas Printing

Giant Canvas Stretches | Photo Canvas Printing by Coloursonic

Coloursonic are proud to offer a printing service of the highest quality, where finished projects are complete with a Stretcher Frame up to 2.8 metres wide. 

Are you looking to amplify the atmosphere of a room with a statement art piece from your collection? Coloursonic are on hand to print your awe-inspiring artwork or photography pieces on an unmatched scale! 

The Coloursonic Process. How Does It Work? 

Here at Coloursonic, your artwork can be uploaded directly from your files and printed onto a canvas with exceptional quality. We work within a 48 hour timeframe, although 24 may be possible – subject to availability. 

We are considerably pleased to say we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate! Furthermore our prestigious and loyal clientele, including the likes of museums and galleries, often praise us for our exceptional choice of high quality canvases – ultimately enabling fine details and colour depth to articulate perfectly. 

  • Either register or log into your account on the Coloursonic store. It is here that you will upload your file and specify your required measurements.
  • Firstly, we wrap a responsibly sourced solid wooden frame; available in either 18mm or 36mm, depending on the size of print you require. 
  • You will be offered to either wrap the edges of your canvas, or to leave the sides blank. Additionally, you will be supplied with metal batons for hanging strips.
  • Await completion! The Coloursonic team will be in touch to advise you that your artwork is ready. 

In addition to an extensive array of prints and services, Coloursonic offers both the installation and delivery of your large canvas printing; at an additional cost. To discuss services, delivery or installation further, please enquire with the Coloursonic customer service team on 0207 286 4766.


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Request your free sample

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