The Best Wide Format Lamination Machine

If you work within the print industry you may be thinking of what laminating machine you should buy or maybe, you are just curious about what laminator we use. 

We have recently invested in the Neschen Hotlam 1650 TH wide format lamination machine. This piece of technology has a maximum speed of 12 m/min which is perfect for us especially during our busy periods as it means we can increase our large format production capacity.

This thermal lamination machine is a very important piece of equipment which we have trailed and tested to ensure it provides high-quality digital-print finishing. 

As our print material supplier quotes ‘A print is not a print until it is ‘finished’.

Our large format print-finishing service ensures that your prints are well protected and strengthened.

But how do we achieve this?

The Neschen works as a cold laminator and a hot laminator. The heavy-duty laminator has built-in thermal features including heated rollers, allowing our finishers to either finish with pressure or heat to activate adhesive. Heated rollers (up to 160 degrees) activate the adhesive which ensures a strong bond, so the print is less likely to get damaged. Alternatively, a cold-acting adhesive may be better when acting on substrates such as vinyl. This is because vinyl is easily damaged by heat. This machine allows for options such as Spot UV or digital embellished artwork to run in line with the laminator, ensuring we can provide greater versatility for our clients.

Here you will find a video of our Neschan Hotlam 1650 TH in action

Why laminate wide format print?

1.    Durability: The thin layer of plastic that seals the substrate ensures the print is durable. This is a result of the plastic film being more tear resistant than paper, so the print is less likely to get torn.

2.    Scratch resistant: Protective film ensures the print is scratch resistant. 

3.    Water resistant: Lamination increases resistance to water or any other liquids that the print may come into contact with.

 4.    UV Protection: Lamination protects against sunlight. This is beneficial for prints that are placed outdoors in direct sunlight. As a result, the print will last longer. 

5.    Appearance: Once the print has been laminated any images or text will be enhanced, which adds quality and professionalism to the wide format print.


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