How To Choose Custom Wallpaper

When deciding to transform your space there are many factors to consider. Before choosing the desired custom wallpaper for your interior consider the space, the colours you want, the atmosphere you are trying to create and the intentions of the room. 

You should explore all wallpaper options to see which material will best bring your vision to life. 

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Ideal for high traffic areas, Coloursonic have a diverse range of high-quality wallpaper formats and will best assist you when picking and printing the best custom wallpaper design whether it’s for personal or business purposes. We print any design, colour or logo onto your custom wallpapers. These include self-adhesive regular wallpaper, textured wallpaper, textile wallpapers and repositionable vinyl wallpapers. 

Below are a few tips to guide you on how to choose custom wallpaper. 

Consider the space

Firstly, consider the size of the interior you are wanting to decorate. 

For high traffic areas such as offices, you may want to consider repeat patterned wallpaper. Patterns are great at creating the illusion of a larger space.

For example, striped wallpaper visually makes ceilings appear higher and walls seem longer and wider. Although be aware of the pattern as it may be overwhelming in small spaces.

Textured wallpaper is also great at adding a visual dimension to smaller spaces. For larger spaces, custom wallpaper is good at making a statement. 

For professional installation call the Coloursonic experts!

Atmosphere and Intentions 

It is important to think about the atmosphere you are trying to create and the intentions of the room.

Are you trying to create a welcoming and calming space? Or are you trying to make a bold style statement? Is the space in a residential or commercial setting? Are you trying to attract an audience into the space? 

At Coloursonic we believe bespoke wallpaper is a good way to improve the working atmosphere and is a great way to capture and showcase your brand’s values and morale. 


It is important to consider your desired aesthetic to determine which type of colours are most suitable for your wallpaper. 

If your wallpaper is for a corporate culture environment neutral colours are trending. Bright colours tend to be used in rooms that do not have a lot of light shining through as it makes the room appear brighter. For larger rooms consider darker designs. 

Choosing the right digital image

At Coloursonic we give our clients the opportunity to personalise their own bespoke wallpaper murals. This is innovative and creative and ensures the client has total control over their wall décor. 

Bespoke wall murals are unique to the individual. This is great for businesses and individuals who are looking to stand out and make a visual impact, especially within competitive markets.

You will see a ‘image upload’ section on the Coloursonic website where you can customise your image to fit exactly on your wall. 

It is important to upload high-resolution images to ensure the print quality isn’t blurry when it comes to digital printing on our advanced cutting-edge technology. We recommend uploading files with extensions such as .jpg. 

Creating your own custom wallpaper mural today!