Everything you need to know about Garden Wall Art

Over the recent years, homeowners have spent a considerable amount of time and money on their gardens. Especially, due to the global pandemic, people have had a lot of spare time to invest in their outdoor space.

The more time we spend outdoors the more important it becomes to have an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

At Coloursonic we believe that outdoor garden décor is a great form of expression and is the perfect way to add detail to your garden living space.


What is Garden Wall Art?

If you have never come across Garden wall art, then you might be thinking “What on Earth are we talking about”! Allow the experts to explain! Garden wall art is outdoor art that is made from weatherproof materials, that can be hung on fences or exterior walls within the garden.

Coloursonic are here to print the best high-resolution prints for your outdoor space. At Coloursonic we have a diverse range of materials to print your art onto, such as wood, plastic and the most used at Coloursonic for outdoors is Aluminium composite panel also known as ‘Dibond’.

As a homeowner you want your home to feel welcoming and we can assure you that garden art is exactly what you need to achieve the goal of making your home inviting and will serve as an attraction point for your visitors.

The Coloursonic experts can print your art to any size to fill your desired space.


Where can I use Garden Wall Art?

Outdoor art can be placed in many areas of your garden. You may want to decorate your patio or decking area by giving it some colour as these spaces are usually where entertainment happens outdoors.

Despite the name being called ‘Wall’ art it doesn’t have to necessarily be fixed to your walls; it can also be freestanding.

Coloursonic can make your garden art versatile. This means that there are many ways you can use garden art to brighten up your outdoor space.


What are the benefits of Garden Wall Art?

If you are a homeowner or considering buying a home, we understand that it can be quite challenging and costly when it comes to garden décor. But don’t panic, Coloursonic’s garden wall art is your solution.

There are many benefits of garden wall art. Firstly, it is a less costly alternative in comparison to wallpaper coverings which are a popular choice for homeowners. The reason for this is that it is easy to install without adhesive being used it ensures there are no marks left on the wall if you wanted to remove or replace the artwork.

Your outdoor wall art must be made from a material that can withstand exposure to all types of weather conditions.

The most popular material we use for outdoor printing at Coloursonic is ‘DiBond’. DiBond is the trade name for aluminium composite sheets also known as a ‘Sandwich Panel’. It is a lightweight material that is manufactured from sheets of aluminium, with a strong polyethylene core. This is what makes the material extremely durable and weatherproof.


How can I Hang Garden Wall Art?

You may want to consider how you would like to hang your art with the Coloursonic experts beforehand so the hanging requirements can be made within the art during manufacturing.

Is it a fence? A wall? Or is it freestanding? In most cases, the art we supply will consist of predrilled holes and wall fixings which is easy for you to hang your displays outside by yourself.


Where can I buy Garden wall art?

At Coloursonic we offer bespoke, personalised durable outdoor printing. All artwork is provided by you! Simply upload your artwork to the image uploaded on our shop and select the size and material you would like to print onto.

With a fast turnaround of up to 24hours (excluding delivery), you will be able to receive your outdoor garden wall art in no time!

As well as bespoke outdoor printing we now offer a variety of Limited Edition Art from artists we have collaborated with.

Some of these pieces would look amazing outdoors. If you would like to find out more visit our Gallery of works to see the art we have available to purchase!

If you would like to visit our Gallery of works feel free to call the team to book your appointment on 0207 286 4766.